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Packing &Shipping

Ningbo Huayuan Metal take great care of wire packing as we know that good wire will always come with good packing. A clean,tidy and instructive packing will make our customer more like to use our wire.We tag clearly for the end of coils, do pre-packing off production line, Every package and pallet will be done with good protection and exact weight.

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Automatic Packing Machine

Pre-packing off Production Line

Coils Packing on Pallet


Pallets on Container

Packaging Colors

A good instructive way for packing is using colors to distinguish different type of wire.Our customer can even order different types of wire on same pallet, but they can separate it in convenience.






Packing Styles

Varieties of package styles are customized to meeting different wire applications.

Coils on Pallet

(Spring Wire Large Dia)

Coils on Pallet

(Spring Wire Small Dia)

Carrier-Less Cores on Pallet

(EPQ/CHQ/Annealed Wire)

Coils on Pallet

(Spring Wire Small Dia)

Seperate Carrier-Less Cores

(Flat Wire)

Euro Core

(CHQ/Annealed Wire)

Drums on Pallet

(Annealed Wire)

Wire in Straight Bar

Some wires are done for shipping nearby, they will be packaged on pallet. Some wire are proactive done without pallet for stocking to meet our customer urgent needs.

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