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Ningbo Huayuan Metal Products Co., Ltd.

Facility & Equiment

Ningbo Huayuan Metal Products Co., Ltd. integrates R&D, production and sales of Stainless steel wire. Since foundation, it has been committed to the leading and innovation of products and technologies, and especially been strict with product quality and attached great attention to customer satisfaction. Therefore it has been improved in all aspects. Nowadays, with a large development scale, the company has become one of few professional manufacturers of stainless steel wires with great strength in Ningbo. The factory keeps ISO: 90001:2008 Certificate and its stainless steel wire is RoHS compliant. Covering land of 30,000m2 and taking up construction area of 15,000m2, big modern buildings include drawing plant, annealing plant, warehousing plants for material and final products as well as an office building.


Ningbo Huayuan Metal not only invested in modern factory facilities, but also steady invested in advanced automatic wire equipment to improve quality, product efficiency as well as to reduce human resource cost.

  • Facility
  • Annealing Plant
  • Drawing Plant

Plants and Offices

Raw Material Warehouse

Drawing Plants with pre-coating spool, initial drawing machines, straight wire drawing machine lines for redrawing and final products as soap coated and bright finish wire, water tank drawing machines and oil tank drawing machines for final products as bright finish wire only, flat wire drawing lines, and vertical coiling drawing lines for bright finish wire like EPQ wire.

Annealing Plants with Tow Automatic Annealing Lines This plant is for production of annealing wire, cold heading wire for customer and for redrawing wire for drawing plant.

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